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This is good news for Twitter users who are prone to typos: Twitter Blue, which costs $2.99 ​​a month, seems to be on the schedule near you soon.

Two weeks ago, researcher Jane Manchun Wong first reported that Twitter’s new subscription service is under development. But yesterday, its’ iOS app store list was updated to include Twitter Blue as an in-app purchase, confirming the early findings of this unofficial source. Although users still cannot subscribe to Twitter Blue, even after downloading the app update, Wong dug up the details of the service, indicating that the service will be launched soon. 

In addition to the undo button discovered by Wong as early as March, the service will also include a reading mode, turning the subject of the tweet into “easy-to-read text.” Twitter acquired Scroll and Revue this year to improve the user’s reading experience on the app, so this increase makes sense. In addition, users will be able to change the color of its application icon and the color theme of the timeline, which is already available on the web. Twitter Blue subscribers can also organize tweets into favorites; this feature looks like an updated version of bookmarks but adds the ability to organize tweets into folders. Currently, Twitter advertising accounts for 85% of the company’s revenue. 

It told Bloomberg in February that it plans to “research and test” new methods of monetizing the platform, especially as its user growth slows. But in recent months, Twitter has announced some of the biggest changes to the platform since it doubled the 140-character tweet limit in 2018. 

These features include Super Follow, Tip Jar, Twitter Spaces, etc. At JPMorgan’s Global Technology, Media, and Communications Conference this week, Twitter Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal said that the company treats Twitter Blue and Super Follows as two different types of subscriptions. 

On Google Play, its application page lists an in-app product priced at $4.99, which may also herald the upcoming Super Follows. Segal also stated that it will provide more information about the service in the coming months, and then “finally post it to people around the world.” Finally, for those of us who want to know, no, there is currently no indication of a plan to “edit a tweet”.

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Twitter Blue, a $3 monthly subscription service, could be coming soon