The German Embassy in London took part in the Pride in London March held on Saturday, July 1, 2023, to mark and honour the LGBTQ+ Community and ensure they are equally acceptable and treated individuals of the Community.

The German Embassy in London, while expressing their pleasure to take part in the Pride March in London to represent the LGBTQ+ community and to defend and protect their rights, showcased the vision of Equality and non-discrimination.


As per the Update, ahead of celebrating Pride, 43 Heads of Diplomatic Missions in the United Kingdom joined as Diplomats for Equality London, reaffirming their commitment to defending and advancing LGBTIQ rights.

As per the Embassy, Germany and Mexico are the current co-chairs of the Equal Rights Coalition, an intergovernmental body of 42 Member States dedicated to the protection of the rights of LGBTI persons.’

Further, the Embassy also shared some glimpses to celebrate and honour the LGBTQ+ Community in London, showcasing their spirit of defence, protection and equal rights.

The Embassy also raised the LGBTQ+ Flag to support and contribute to their practical vision for these communities. Ahead of the Embassy staff and other Diplomats from the United Kingdom, the local public joined them and made a massive crowd on the streets of London to showcase their support towards these communities.

Post celebrating the LGBTQ+ Community, the Embassy also took to its official social media handle recently to share its pleasure and to urge and encourage the people to support the idea of Safeguarding to promote these Communities and make them come out and showcase themselves, not for their gender but for their talent, and individuality.

In support of these Communities, the German Embassy organised a gracious event on the streets of London. The Embassy also expressed their pleasure and thanked them for joining them in celebrating Pride in London.



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