The United States Embassy in Mauritius, in partnership with the Seychelles Fishing Authority and Seychelles Investment Board, organized a workshop on “Promoting Sustainable Aquaculture Development” in Seychelles.

The workshop was mainly an initiative to thank the US Department of State Economic Bureau’s Business Facilitation Inventive Fund. The forum featured opening remarks by Seychellois Minister for Fisheries and Blue Economy Jean-Francois Ferrari, and US Ambassador Henry Jardine.


The goal of the event was to promote Blue Economy and sustainable aquaculture development and connect aquaculture practitioners in Seychelles with counterparts in the United States.

Blue Economy represents a burgeoning idea that advocates for our ocean’s sustainable utilization, innovation, and stewardship and its invaluable ‘blue’ resources.

In the traditional ‘business-as-usual’ approach, nations have historically developed their ocean-based economies by exploiting maritime and marine resources, such as shipping, commercial fishing, and oil, gas, and minerals extraction.

Seychellois Minister for Fisheries and Blue Economy Jean-Francois Ferrari also emphasised the importance of Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture.

As per Minister Jean Francois, Fisheries and aquaculture are essential components of the Blue Economy, providing food security, livelihoods, and economic opportunities worldwide.

However, overfishing, illegal fishing and destructive practices have severely impacted marine ecosystems and depleted fish stocks. Sustainable fishing practices, such as ecosystem-based management, reducing bycatch, and implementing fishery regulations, are crucial to ensure the long-term health of fish stocks and marine ecosystems.


The United States Embassy in Mauritius extended their pleasure and especially thanked Jason Heckathorn, the keynote speaker from the U.S.-based aquaculture firm Forever Oceans, who travelled from the United States to Seychelles for this event.

The US Embassy was proud to work with panellists and moderators from the Seychelles Fishing Authority, Seychelles Investment Board, Islands Development Company, Harmony Investments, The Nature Conservancy, Virginia Tech University, and Venerable Holding Company to make this a successful event.





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