The Belgian Police reported that Six individuals suffered from minor injuries after a van crashed into a café terrace in the centre of Brussels on Friday afternoon. The incident occurred around 13:00 local time on Rue Saint-Michel near the city’s shopping centre.

Later, the van’s driver was arrested and taken to a local police station. An investigation is ongoing because it is still unclear what he had in mind when he committed the act. According to the authorities, whether it was a planned accident targeting a particular person was questioned.


An official from the city’s public prosecutor’s office declined to provide details about the arrested person’s background. Willemien Baert stated that “the investigation is still ongoing to understand the precise circumstances of the facts.” The numerous leads remain active, and the suspect’s motivations stay unknown.

Baert stressed that it was not yet confirmed that it was an attack; it is possible that it was just an accident when questioned if it might be linked to terrorism. Le Corbeau and City Pizza were both damaged as a result of the collision, according to the Police, and the driver of the vehicle reportedly fled the scene.

Emergency responders treated six people with minor injuries on the scene as soon as they arrived. Later, the van involved in the crash was found, leaving a mess everywhere. The incident caused the most harm to Le Corbeau.

The mayor of Brussels informed reporters that the car was travelling at extremely high speeds as it approached the terrace, where a mix of visitors, city workers, and Belgian residents was gathered.

After the catastrophe, the city was shaken and threatened, but a short while later, the shopping area was peaceful, and things were back to normal in the afternoon. The people provided every kind of assistance to the areas that had been destroyed.


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