Russia’s deputy head of the Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, issued a warning to the west that continuing to support Ukraine will result in a nuclear disaster. He said this in reference to the west arming Ukraine in order to prolong the fight for a long time.


Furthermore, Medvedev stated that “It won’t be decided on the Ukrainian front if the question of Russia’s basic existence is posed seriously. It will be decided along with the question of whether or not human civilisation as a whole will continue to exist.”

Russia once more expressed a nuclear threat to the west. He claimed that western nations’ activities could result in a nuclear disaster and that there would be total pandemonium with no one winning.

373 days have passed since the start of the Russo-Ukrainian war in February 2022. The former Russian prime minister made it plain that if Russia’s existence were in danger, the war would escalate above the Ukrainian fronts and even result in a nuclear disaster.

The possibility of a nuclear exchange is growing as time goes on because Russia keeps attacking Ukrainian territory inside its borders. The situation in Bakhmut for Ukrainian troops holding the area was worsening, according to war specialists watching the action over the front lines. Russian forces have intensified their attacks since the invasion’s first anniversary on February 24.

Russia specifically blamed NATO for instigating the war and meddling in domestic Russian issues. As a result of NATO and American intervention, Medvedev claims, there have been instances of nuclear catastrophe around the world.

Medvedev further claims that Russia will not think twice about deploying nuclear weapons to defend itself. From the start of the conflict, the US has given Ukraine more than $31.7 billion in assistance and sent advanced weapons to help Ukraine protect its territory from Russian forces.


Almost 5.9% of the US military budget was spent in Ukraine. According to Russian military analysts, Zelensky is nothing more than an American puppet because the US started the conflict and is still at war with Russia. To avoid a direct confrontation with Russia, the Biden administration is utilising Ukraine.

Russia had previously asserted that seven former Navy seals wearing Ukrainian uniforms had been killed on the battlefield. Additionally, Russia claims that the US wants to include Ukraine in NATO so they can use it as a military base and put missiles aimed at Russia, similar to Cuba during the Cold War.


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