Following many incidents of the Tricolor being damaged, Foreign Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar has sent a clear warning to separatist Khalistanis that India will not tolerate the pulling down of its national flag.

The above statements were delivered by Jaishankar during a Sunday conversation with academics in Dharwad. The BJP Mahanagar unit hosted a programme in Dharwad.


The days when India would have treated this lightly are long gone, and current India would not tolerate having its national flag dragged down by someone, according to Jaishankar.

The Foreign Affairs Minister stated during the conversation that “it is a message not just to those so-called Khalistanis but also to the British, saying this is my flag and I will make it even bigger if someone tries to disrespect it.”

In reply to a question about Khalistani separatist movements around the world and the actions India will take, Jaishankar, stated, “We have witnessed some such occurrences in the last few days in London, Canada, Australia, and San Francisco.

There is a very small minority that has a variety of interests, some of which are shared by neighbours and others of which are pursued by those attempting to use them for visa applications and another personal gain.

He added, They do not wish India well, and they try to represent this for their benefit.”
Jaishankar continued, “The point is that when we opened embassies abroad and our diplomats were carrying out their duties, we were quite clear that the country where these embassies were located and where these diplomats were located had a responsibility to provide protection.”

After all, we guard a large number of foreign embassies. He threatened the Khalistanis, saying, “If they do not protect if they do not take this seriously if there are such instances, then we will give reactions from India.”


Significantly, a group of pro-Khalistan activists tore down an Indian flag outside the Indian High Commission in London, United Kingdom, and even the embassy was vandalised there.


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