The explosions at the two military airports of Diaghilev and Engels, which are hundreds of kilometres from the front line, were attributed by Moscow to Kyiv yesterday. Three persons were murdered, and four others were hurt in the explosions.

This was the third Russian drone assault on a Russian base. The damaged base is situated in Kursk, close to the Ukrainian border. A fuel tank caught fire, but nobody was hurt because the fire could be put out. Roman Starovoit, the governor of Kursk Oblast, claims that the drone attack at midnight set a fuel storage tank on fire.

Due to raised tensions with Ukraine and the increased possibility of a bomber assault on Kyiv or another Ukrainian settlement, the Russian military claimed the attack was made to damage the Russian bomber TU-95 that had recently been introduced to Russian forces.

Although there are speculations that one of these bombers was damaged during the drone strike, neither side has issued an official comment. The TU-95 strategic bomber is a nuclear-capable bomber with a single run capacity of 28 tonnes of bombs and missiles with the potential to carry nuclear warheads.

Due to the threats presented by Russian bombers, Ukraine is urgently shutting down parts of its power grid. According to Oleksiy Kuleba, the military chief of the Kyiv region, almost half of the area would remain without electricity in the following days. In his nightly speech, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky pledged, “We will do everything to restore stability.”


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