As Russia prepares another large air raid on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure to weaponize winter, more and more public international concern about Ukraine’s fate looks like inconsequential alibi seeking. Kyiv has been desperately asking for a no-fly zone over Ukraine and resolute sanctions against Russia for nine months.

Lots of anti-aircraft weaponry stand idly around in Europe and elsewhere. Dozens of countries still import from and export to Russia. Meanwhile, millions of Ukrainians are purposefully bombed by Moscow into an impossible situation without heating, electricity and water during winter. Even more support concerts, scholarships, declarations, demonstrations, etc., will not change this situation much.


It is believed that President Vladimir Putin has made plans to attack Ukraine with the deadliest bomber aircraft, and tensions for Ukraine are expected to increase. Russia has prepared a Tupolev Tu-22M3 bomber to attack Ukraine.

Speculation over whether Putin will employ this lethal bomber against Ukraine resulted from Russia’s preparations. The Tu-22M3 bomber has been delivered to the Russian Aerospace Forces after operational, delivery, and flight testing.

One of the most hazardous bombers in the world is the TU-22M3. It is a modified version of the Tu-22M, a supersonic attack aircraft from the Soviet Union that can launch attacks from a range of 5100 kilometres. This lethal bomber aircraft can travel at a top speed of 2300 kilometres per hour and launch nuclear attacks. Using a turbojet engine, this bomber’s 40 metres long and 34 metres broad lifts flight.

Tension is rising for Ukrainian defence forces due to the addition of TU-22 M3 to Russian forces. As Ukrainian troops would not have capable defences against deadly Russian Supersonic bombers, another significant strike on Kyiv or any other Ukrainian province is possible in the following days.


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