During their trip to the UK, the first lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska met PM Rishi Sunak and Prince Charles III. As she walked into a committee meeting, there was a standing ovation.

Zelenska highlighted that although Ukraine will undoubtedly win the war with Ukraine, this is not the only outcome the nation seeks. Russia should be held accountable for all the atrocities it committed on Ukrainian territory because “Ukraine wants justice.”


She stressed the fact that many Ukrainian women had been raped and tortured by Russian forces. Russian soldiers’ wives incited them to sexually abuse Ukrainian women.

She came into Ukrainians living in the UK who had fled their homeland due to Russian hostility. Olenka said, “It’s important for me to meet Ukrainians who have had to flee their homes on every journey. T o inquire about more ways we might ease our travels abroad. to listen to your people, since it’s always so monotonous and emotional”.

Together with Prince Charles III, First lady Olenka spoke with the local Ukrainians at the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Cathedral.

”We understand that this winter will be the most difficult of all the years of freedom since Russia has switched to energy terror methods,” Olenka stated.
She was grateful to every Ukrainian who was there, especially the children and the elderly.

The UK has consistently supported Ukraine in all humanitarian endeavours since the beginning of the conflict. Rebuilding infrastructure, including rail and power, purchasing ambulances and medical equipment, and assisting teachers. Olenka praised the UK for its assistance during these challenging circumstances.

She continued by saying that the UK has given Ukraine a variety of heavy weapons to fend against Russian attacks. But she emphasised that in order to free the last few Russian-occupied territories, the nation needed greater armament supply and defence equipment.