The Tornado-S rocket launcher system, one of Russia’s most deadly weaponry, was just deployed in Ukraine, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. The system’s destructive force is compared to that of a little nuclear explosion.

In a recent study, the U.S. Congress examined how and how much the Russian military’s operations have evolved since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine.


Among other things, it was found that the Russian side has not only improved communication between troops in the wake of the initial setbacks but has also transformed the campaign into a generalized all-arms fight. The most crucial element of this is the extensive use of artillery, including a unique role for rocket launchers.

The recently deployed 9K515 Tornado-S rocket launcher has been in the Russian army’s arsenal since 2016. It has already been tested in the Syrian civil war and is now deployed in Ukraine. The Tornado differs from its predecessor in that it can launch guided missiles that can attack targets up to 120 kilometres away instead of the previous 70 kilometres.

In addition to satellite guidance and increased range, designers have developed a range of warheads. Among these is one of the most terrifying, the thermobaric warhead, which scorches its surroundings and sucks the air out of people’s lungs.

A single Tornado-S can destroy tens of hectares with its full firepower and is as effective as 21 regular BM-21 Grad serial launchers. An entire division can be stopped or a small town can be destroyed by a battery of six launchers. Its fighting potential is therefore compared to that of nuclear weapons.



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