A video was shared on Twitter by @ukraine_world in which a Ukrainian soldier sent his video to his mother and told him not to worry. ” Hello mom, I ate, dressed warmly, put on a hat, and I’m going for a walk. No need to worry, my friends are with me; we will behave well”.


This message, he said, was not just for his mother but for all Ukrainian mothers who worried about their sons fighting for Ukraine’s independence.

He noted no need to worry as we are fit and fine and will return home soon with no one left behind. ” I know you didn’t raise us to fight a war but to be a real man. When trouble came to our country, we went to protect the most precious thing we have”.

”Wait for us, and we definitely all come back, and you can once again quarrel with us at home. Let us know what we are doing wrong, and cook something delicious for us. See you at home”.

Sanna Marin, the prime minister of Finland, urged NATO members to provide Ukraine with more support, saying, “We must ensure that Ukraine should prevail.”

She advocated for increased humanitarian assistance from NATO members and the United States for Ukraine due to Russian missile attacks that destroyed people’s houses and left them homeless.

It is crucial to provide humanitarian help and rebuild the nation’s energy systems and water supply structures since Russia is using Winter as a weapon to put pressure on Kyiv.

Since the Russian missile attack on November 17, more than 75% of Kyiv has been without electricity.

According to a tweet from @Tendar, a second Russian Sukhoi SU-34 fighter jet was downed in the Kherson region. The specific unit was a veteran who had served in Syria and was from the 47th Bomber Aviation Regiment.


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