As the war reached its first anniversary on February 24, Russian soldiers increased their attacks along the eastern frontline.

According to the General Staff of Ukraine, who condemned Russia for its continuous aggression, Russian forces launched nine missiles, 28 airstrikes, and more than 40 MLRS attacks, which led to multiple injuries among Ukrainian soldiers operating the eastern front.


Recently, Russia launched nine missiles, 28 airstrikes, and more than 40 MLRS attacks, causing multiple deaths of Ukrainian soldiers.

Putin’s chef and the head of PMC Wagner predicted that the war, which has lasted for one year, will not finish soon since it will take 18 months or two years for Russia to fully annex Donbas and other Ukrainian territories since the invasion began on February 24.

PMC Wagner, the Russian military group, claimed that their forces took entire control of the Yagidne village and successfully advanced, eliminating multiple Ukrainian defences within two kilometres of the centre of Bakhmut City.

According to the Russian defence ministry, on February 23, Russian forces killed over 210 Ukrainian soldiers in the Donetsk region. They destroyed numerous military hardware donated by the US and other western nations.

Russia claimed that western support was ineffective and that the donation of military hardware to Ukraine was a waste of resources.

A huge list of armaments and fighter jets was once again demanded by Ukraine from the west in order to prolong their conflict with Russia. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry thanked Germany for sending the Leopard 2 tanks as soon as the first one arrived in Ukraine.


Many Ukrainian soldiers are receiving training in the UK and other European nations to become Leopard 2 drivers and launch another counteroffensive. As Ukraine began gathering weapons again, it was anticipated to start in March.

According to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Ukraine’s request for fighter jets “makes no sense.” Chinese officials and the German foreign minister argued, with China claiming that the West was stoking the flames by arming Ukraine.

According to Jens Stoltenberg, the head of NATO, there is evidence that China is considering providing Russia with weapons and other military equipment.

The government of Moldova has denied Russia’s claim that Kyiv is attempting to annex the breakaway territory. Another $2 billion in military assistance to Ukraine is anticipated from the Biden administration.

According to Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser for the US, Moscow’s nuclear posture has stayed the same.


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