The German-based non-profit organisation Save the Children Deutschland has published its draft speaker on Child Security. Their Advocacy Manager, Eric Großhaus, has been working his way through the 124 pages of the draft and many critical points to undertake children’s security.

Save the Children’s Deutschland is a non-profit organisation which aims to work towards helping, protecting and sustaining the lives of children, women especially. It also works to maintain and improve the lives of the most vulnerable sections of the society.


As per the Update, the draft speaker on child security has recently been published. The Advocacy Manager Eric Großhaus has worked his way through the 124 pages of the draft and many critical points, including:-

1. The current rules, especially for food, are insufficient.
2. The basic child insurance currently excludes, among other things, refugee children in the asylum procedure.
3. The state is not consistently in debt.

Meanwhile, the organisation has also ensured that on the positive side, bundling and simplifying benefits could improve children’s existence assurance. However, there are still limitations, such as double structures.

Further, Save the Children Deutschland also shared that a basic child insurance check is planned, but unfortunately, it still lacks impact and liability. The accuracy of the preliminary examination is uncertain, and it is a “can performance” of family service.

weitere️ The legislative procedure on essential child protection is still pending, and further changes are expected in the Bundestag and Bundesrat. They also expressed their need to make sure critical child protection reaches all children.

Save the Children demands a higher priority for the welfare of children, particularly adequate nutrition and the inclusion of all children in Germany, regardless of their status.


Save the Children demands a change that meets the urgency of the high child poverty rate.


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