On December 26, today, the Lyubashiv community, with bitter sadness, pain and tears, said goodbye to the courageous Defender, the faithful Son of Ukraine, who, on December 21, 2022, gave his life while performing a combat mission in defence of Ukraine from the Russian aggressor on Bakhmutsʹkomu on the direction of Donetsk region Alexander Ginzhulom.

Hundreds of community residents escorted the mourning motorcade with Alexander’s agreement to his final resting place. Farewell to the fallen Defender, family members, brothers, friends, community leadership, villagers and all those who came to pay respect and bow their heads for the highest sacrifice for the country and the future of Ukraine.


Alexander comes from the village of Baksha Savransky district, moving with his family to Lyubashevka; from 7th grade studied at a school lyceum, then graduated from the Odessa National Polytechnic University, exactly where he graduated from the military department and received an officer’s rank. In 2017 was called to service in the armed forces of Ukraine and held service in the city of Chernihiv.

Alexander was a courageous officer who had combat experience and, since 2018, participated in combat in the ATO / JFO zone from the first day of the full-scale invasion of Russian troops into Ukrainian territory in 2022, again becoming military ranks.

He Defended Nikolaev, defended Kherson and put his life in the east in Bakhmut. He was the commander of the machine gun platoon of the 28th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Under his leadership, all the soldiers successfully left the environment and remained alive. A few days before his death, Alexander pulled several brothers out of the battlefield and handed them over to the medics but did not keep himself.

Bright, good memory of the Defender of Ukraine will forever remain in the memories of his combat brothers, relatives and compatriots. His squad members and family remember him as always smiling, positive, kind, athletic and sincere. He was a true family man loving husband, father, son brother.


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