“Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.” You have to find something to be happy about in any situation”, said Olena Zelenska.

She stated that in the heroine of the classic book Eleanor Porter, Polianne’s girl, life is not easy. She lost her parents, remained among strangers, losing the ability to walk.


She still meets every day with hope for the best. For over a century, the unbeatable optimist Pollyanna has been passing her optimism to little readers, especially those who, like her, find themselves in a difficult situation and have to fight for life.

Zelenska emphasises that It’s the second time she arranged such readings for them on the eve of the holidays, together with the patients of the children’s specialised hospital’s bone marrow transplantation and immunotherapy department “NDSL Ohmatdit”.

During the meeting, Zelenska remarked that she was impressed by the story of Danilo Karnahín, for whom the father became – the military zsu.

Given the risks associated with the service, they decided to freeze as an exception to the father cell. Two days before the transplantation, Danilo’s father was killed defending Ukraine. But he continues to protect his son from the disease.

In addition, Zelenska met with the Financial Times correspondent three days after Kherson’s release. She stressed that she felt unspeakable joy from the news. However, she tried to contain it: “Because I understood what atrocities were about to discover after the invaders and how much pain the residents have to see,” said Zelenska.

She urged the world to allow Ukraine to be heard because it is the key to Ukrainian support. She highlighted that the pain in the news from Ukraine could be tiring. But unfortunately, it can’t turn off the information because war is a part of life now.

“My biggest concern is that people abroad are not used to what is happening in Ukraine. So I will not tire of telling journalists about it, at official receptions, communicating with colleagues from abroad every day”, said Zelenska.


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