Olena Zelenska, First lady of Ukraine, shared letters written by Ukrainian kids to Saint Nicolas. A girl named Nicola Evelinka wrote, “Saint Nicholas, bring warriors weapons, clothes, food to make them warm”.

Another child named Anton wrote, “St. Nicholas, my dad wanted to give me a new phone, but died,”


“Dear Saint Nicholas, help zsu get the rubížnogo”,-asks the child who waited for Nicholas in the luhan аiní”.

Zelenska reported that these are letters from children to St. Nicholas posted on social media by their volunteers and moms. Letters in which children should ask for sweets, toys and gadgets are all that children generally want in the world.

Instead, they ask for dad or brother to come home, warm clothes and a bank, and all without exception, children ask Nicholas for victory.

She observed that it is impossible to read these texts without crying.   The only thing the kids wanted for Christmas was warm clothing and blankets, and they were pleading with their brother and parents to return home.

Currently, the country lacks both electricity and water due to continuous attacks on Ukrainian electrical grids. Children, among other innocent people, suffered due to Russian atrocities.

Ukrainian children suffered greatly from the Russian war because many lost their parents to the conflict. Russian attacks on civilian territories reportedly resulted in the destruction of 2917 educational institutions, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.


On St. Nicholas Day, Olena said, “What I want most is the tranquilly that children pray for, returned as quickly as possible to our homes, together with the carefree children’s desires, the joyful holiday bustle of adults, and the everyday life that should be typical for children, not by a miracle.”


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