Newborns receive intensive care at Okhmatdyt Hospital, Kyiv. The windows are protected with sandbags, as Russia routinely targets civilian infrastructure, including medical facilities, across Ukraine.

To protect the infants from the shockwaves and loud booms of explosions generated by Russian bombs and missiles, the windows of almost every hospital in Kyiv are covered with sandbags. Nearly 90% of Russian attacks, according to the Ukrainian defence ministry, targeted civilian structures.


The world to take action, President Zelenskky urged, as Russia has committed countless war crimes on Ukrainian soil. Russian missiles are capable of hitting even infants.

On November 23, a missile struck a hospital in Zaporizhia, destroying the building and killing a newborn. A doctor and the baby’s mother, who was the only woman in the building at the time, were extricated from the wreckage.

According to President Zelensky, the Russian military terrorise and kill people in his nation. Numerous people were brutally murdered and subjected to torture in different Ukrainian states, including Zaporizhia.

According to Ukrainian emergency services, the hospital’s maternity wing was hit by Russian missiles overnight in the town of Vilnyansk, which is still under Ukrainian control.

Although Ukraine controls the territory, the entire Zaporizhzhia region has been annexed by Russia as a result of phoney referendums held in September.

Attacks were made on the area constantly in an effort to take control of the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant. When missiles from the conflict fell close to a radioactive storage facility and nearly resulted in a dangerous accident akin to Chernobyl, the situation deteriorated even worse.


In a recent statement, President Putin stated, “We are not mad. We know what a Nuclear weapon is capable of.” He makes it plain that Russia won’t initiate the use of atomic weapons. If Ukraine ever threatens Russia with a nuclear attack, it will be utilised to ensure the nation’s security.


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