At the Munich Security Conference, German Chancellor Oalf Scholz highlighted S. Jaishankar’s well-known remark about the “European worldview.”

When asked about India’s position in the Russia-Ukraine conflict during the 17th GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum in Slovakia last year, Jaishankar responded angrily, “Europe has to grow out of the mindset that Europe’s issues are the world’s problems, but the world’s problems are not Europe’s problems.”


The German Chancellor utilised the backdrop to infer a shift in the so-called “mindset” and assert that Jaishankar had “a point” on Friday during the Munich Security Conference.

“This comment from the Indian Foreign Minister is included in this year’s Munich Security Report, and he has a point that the law of the strong would not only be an issue for Europe,” added Scholz.

He added that only highlighting common ideals cannot pass for an authentic European or North American in Jakarta or New Delhi.

Scholz said, “In order to take joint action, we must first broadly address the interests and concerns of these nations. And for that reason, I felt it was crucial that the G Seven Summit in June included more than just representatives from Asia, Africa, and Latin America”.

“Growing hunger and poverty, which are partly a result of Russia’s war, as well as the effects of climate change or COVID-19, are the main concerns these regions face. I truly wanted to work with these communities to solve these issues”.

Jaishankar was questioned last year at the GLOBSEC Bratislava Conference about why he believed someone would assist New Delhi in the event of a dispute with China after it failed to help others in the case of Ukraine.


Said Jaishankar: “Europe needs to get over the idea that while the issues of the globe affect us all, they are not the problems of Europe. because if you are holding it, and if I am, it is ours. I notice echoes of it “.


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