London: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already begun so that Britain will impose strict sanctions on Russia, a senior British minister said on Tuesday as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has recently chaired an emergency government response meeting over the Ukraine dispute.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to order the deployment of military on two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine after recognising them as independent on Monday sharpening a crisis the Western nations fearing could lead to a major war.


According to the witnesses, they saw tanks and other military material moving through the separatist-controlled city of Donetsk after Putin formally recognised the breakaway regions and ordered the deployment of Russian forces to “keep the peace.”

As per the statement of the British Health Secretary Sajid Javid, “You can conclude that the invasion of Ukraine has begun. The Russian President Putin, has decided to attack the sovereignty of Ukraine & its territorial integrity.”

He added that, “We will be introducing sanctions as we said we always will.” Britain has intimidation to cut off Russian companies’ access to U.S. dollars and British pounds, blocking them from raising capital in London and to expose what Johnson calls the “Russian doll” of property and company ownership.

Meanwhile, Britain has not yet disclosed that who will fall under the sanctions, but has pledged that there would be nowhere for Russian oligarchs to hide. Johnson has said targets could include Russian banks.

Javid added that sanctions would be disclosed in a statement given to parliament by PM Johnson.

Javid further said that, “I am confident that we will make those sanctions as targeted as possible to the people who are responsible for attempting this offensive violation of international law.”




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