By defeating Portugal with a goal in the waning seconds of the contest, South Korea guaranteed their place in the round of 16. After a spectacular goal by Korean midfielder Hwang Hee-Chan, assisted by Son Heung-min, past Portugal’s wall ‘Diogo Costa, the game concluded 2-1.

South Korea placed second in group H on the basis of goal differential, while Portugal held onto first place despite losing their last group stage match and is still in the lead. Unfortunately, despite scoring twice against Ghana, Uruguay was unable to advance to the round of 16, needing one more goal to beat South Korea on a goal difference.


The Taegeuk Warriors sent Ghana and Uruguay home after defeating Ronaldo’s Portugal. Sadly, legendary Uruguayan and Barca player Luis Suarez could not advance through the round of 16. After the game, he was observed crying as he made his way back to the locker rooms.

Ricardo Horta’s goal in the fifth minute of play gave Portugal the game’s first advantage. When Kim Young-Gwon scored the equaliser in the 27th minute, South Korea finally found a way to achieve.

A Korean player was given the opportunity to take the shot after the ball struck Cristiano in the back and bounced in his direction. Hwang Hee-goal Chan’s in the 91st minute of the game gave them the victory.

South Korea’s qualification in the last seconds of the match was a momentous event for them. It was undoubtedly Hwang Hee-greatest Chan’s success because moments like this were remembered for generations.

As he left the field, however, Ronaldo was heard saying, “You’re in a f*cking hurry to sub me off,” according to Portuguese media reports. However, the former Manchester United player later explained that he was reacting to an opponent’s player, not manager Fernando Santos, who had just substituted him in the 65th minute.

Ronaldo said, ”I told the Korean player to stop talking because he had no authority as he was urging me to go right now. Controversy is not necessary. The match’s heat is the cause. Whatever occurs, everything always takes place on the field. The most crucial factor is that we must work together. The following stage has begun. Portuguese citizens must possess confidence in addition to the players”.



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