“If we don’t protect our forests, oceans, and all the life they shelter, we will endanger our humanity. For our children, we must do everything to protect our biodiversity,” said President Macron.

With a few days to the end of the COP 15 biodiversity in Montreal, he gave a message to French citizens and every individual on the earth, “let’s not make small decisions; let’s do the most! Let’s get the most ambitious deal together. The world needs this”.


He noted that France contributed a lot to preserve the environment by Protecting 30% of the land and oceans. Still, it’s not enough, as everybody has to step forward to make the planet clean and secure for future generations.

“33% of our territory is already protected, and we created the second largest protected marine area on our planet. Let’s make it go Worldwide”, said President Macron.

He emphasized that by protecting 30% of the lands and oceans, over 100 countries are committed with France in the High Ambition for Nature and People coalition that launched with Costa Rica and the UK.

The French President also suggest people join him for this noble cause as everyone’s contribution is essential and can make a great difference.

According to Macron, the most vulnerable countries are home to biodiversity treasures. He suggested increasing the funding to go with them.

“France will double its aid, up to €1 billion per year. COP 15 players: commit with us”. President Macron declared that France is looking to increase their funding to reserve nature loss.



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