In support of Ukraine, the NATO Headquarters in Brussels turned out the lights among other world monuments. The programme is a component of the “Lights for Ukraine” campaign launched by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United24 platform.

It will continue till December 31, 2022. The goal is to raise money for generators for Ukrainian hospitals and to raise awareness of the situation there, particularly the widespread blackouts brought on by Russia’s massive attacks on vital infrastructure that have left the population in desperate situations with no access to running water or electricity as winter wears on.


Turning out the lights is primarily done to raise awareness of the current condition of affairs in Ukraine and to demand humanitarian relief for the country, whose electrical infrastructure has been severely damaged by Russian missile attacks.

Winter in Ukraine and other European nations is the most alarming right now, with temperatures almost always below zero. Many Ukrainians are currently suffering due to a gas and energy shortage.

NATO allies are upholding the UN Charter’s protection of Ukraine’s right to self-defence. Exceptional assistance has already been provided to Ukraine, including winter clothing, gasoline, generators, and equipment to fix energy networks.

Allies repeated their ongoing support for Ukraine during the November NATO Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Bucharest and announced new commitments as part of the Extended Assistance Package for Ukraine.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, recently travelled abroad. His main goal was to express gratitude to the USA and other nations for helping Ukraine during difficult times. Since the start of the conflict, he had never travelled outside of the country.

He assumes that the USA, which has given $ 50 billion in humanitarian, financial, and security assistance – far more than any other nation – has been the most generous donor and the war’s most crucial friend.


In his speech, Zelensky requested the United States to send more Patriot missiles to Ukraine in order to bolster its defences and guard against Russian missiles, which have caused havoc in many Ukrainian cities.


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